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Friday, March 17, 2006

I'm in Nickelodeon Magazine!

Nickelodeon Magazine has always had a great comic section that includes gag-strips by some of the best indie-cartoonists out there: Johnny Ryan, Sam Henderson, Kurt Wolfgang, Martin Cendreda, and many many more...

Well- I'm not in the comic section with those guys (though you should check them out, too), but I am on most of the pages of the magazine. If you look at the page numbers you'll see a little mini-strip I drew for them.
It starts with these two dudes on the first page...
Then there is a series of fight-clouds, with the page numbers in the center, scattered throughout the issue...
It all ends with the dudes thoroughly pummelled, but happy with the comic-book split between them. Ahhhhh, sharing- a nice message for the kiddies.

Hopefully I'll get to do more work for them in the future.


Billy Mavreas said...

nice work tom, and congrats on the gig!

Patrick Morgan said...

NICE! Great work my man.